Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Do You Network?

Last week I attended Women ‘n’ Wine, a social networking event hosted by Author Nancy Nichols (Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter). Sponsored in part by VIP Memphis, Women ‘n’ Wine is an opportunity for professional women of all backgrounds and ages to come together to enjoy good food, conversation, and make possible business relationships as well. Admission was only a $1 (to cover your nametag; food & wine was not included).

I met photographers, independent consultants (Style Junkie’s Andrea Jones was in attendance), nurses, real estate agents, jewelry designers, etc. The cool thing about it was that we were in an intimate setting (this meet-up was at Amerigo’s) so everyone was able to sip some wine and enjoy themselves as if they were meeting with friends.

I have to say, I hope more networking events of this nature take place because it’s a great opportunity to meet fabulous people. Believe it or not, I’m a naturally shy person but this setting eased my nervousness a bit. If you wanna find out more, visit their website . I hope to see some of you guys next time!

So readers, have any of you ever attended Women ‘n’ Wine or any events similar? What do you look to come out with when you attend? For male readers, do you guys have something similar (Men ‘n’ Food? Lol). If so, comment below and keep us NDLoop!

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