Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ménage A Trois Mondays

Monday I got a change to swing by the opening night of “Ménage A Trois Mondays” at Ground Zero on Beale Street. I know what you’re thinking (kinky!) but I swear it wasn’t like that lol! Tim Bachus Enterprises and CS123 Marketing have come up with an, ahem, interesting way to market their event. 2 levels, 3 rooms, tons of fun, “Ménage A Trois Monday’s” at Ground Zero just might be your new spot to hang out on Mondays nights.

In one room, you have Karaoke King Tim Bachus playing the hits we all love to sing to (My friend Sam did an EXTREMELY entertaining rendition of Prince’s Beautiful Ones” lol). In another you have a DJ on the ones and twos (DJ Rock Steddy was there that night) and in the last there’s a live band (which unfortunately I missed because I was running late. I love listening to live music so I plan to be there early next time!).

With drink specials and a low cover charge ($3; how can you beat that!), it’s a fun way to spend your Monday nights with your friends. Depending on your mood, you have three forms of entertainment under one roof so I doubt that you’ll be bored. Hope to see you there!

So readers, did any of you attend? Sing along? Will I see you next Monday? Take a moment to comment below and keep us NDLoop!

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