Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Style: SVF Pop Up Shop & Style Junkie Casting Call

Hey peeps, what's on your agenda for this weekend? If you have nothing planned but are looking to get out, here are two options for you:

Strange Fruit Vintage is premiering their pop up shop at tonight from 6p-10p at Odessa (2613 Broad Ave Memphis, TN).

 If you love 80s and 90s apparel  and are looking to expand your collection, this is the place for you to be tonight. There will be live spinning by DJ Homework, and also an 80s inspired photobooth so that you can snap some cool pics with your friends.

 The pics are only $5 bucks, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Odessa's Building Fund.

Tomorrow, Style Junkie is hosting a casting call from 6p-9p at their store to find true fashionistas for an upcoming commercial shoot for their brand. If you feel that you have the look and style that MUST be seen, be sure to go down and show your face.

There will also be an exclusive Meet & Greet with upcoming R&B Artist Porcelan Chalet during the call (I heard her sing a capella the other day and the girl can SING. She has the talent, personality, and look so make sure you watch out for her).

Be sure to dress chic and bring a pic!

So readers, what else is going on this weekend? Will be going to the events listed above? Comment below and keep us NDLoop!

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